Solid state lighting devices and illumators

Illuminators for microscopes

Illuminator for microscope operates on a principle of laser light conversion to a spontaneous radiation of phosphors and can replace well known halogen and LED illuminators. Features: high illumination of operating field, no heat, no electric power, low light beam divergence, different color temperatures in option, multicolor sources in option.

Fiber lighting device with variable color temperature

By combining various phosphors, as well as using a pump radiation with of different wavelengths it is possible to perform an adjustment of the resulting spectral characteristics of radiation and as a consequence, the color temperature in the wide range of from 1000K to 7000K.
Features: no heat, high brightness.

Lighting device with fixed color temperature

Fiber lighting device is a fiber-optic light source with a color temperature of 5000-6000K. Can be used for lighting in tight spaces.

Fiber diameter, mkm. Material NA
220/200 Glass 0,6
250 PMMA 0,5
400 PMMA 0,5
500 PMMA 0,5
750 PMMA 0,5
1000 PMMA 0,5

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